More Quotes about Dance Halls and Dreamers:

“[Gilliam] had written an entertaining account of the ten famous places and the people who made them so. The dance halls almost come alive with Guy Rogers’ photographs. He has captured the moods that Gilliam wrote about.”
-- Mexia Daily News

“Pat Green, who is no stranger at all to Texas dance halls, has assembled a book about some of his favorite joints in Texas. Dance Halls & Dreamers is a lavish book of pictures and remembrances of several of Texas' best-known dance halls.” -- Chet Flippo,

“What an unbelievable book. To tell you the truth I was absolutely blown away by how incredible it was. The look the feel…you nailed it…Thank you for including STUBB’s and capturing the authentic essence of our place as well as the others honorably mentioned.” -- Eddy Patterson, owner Stubb's Bar-B-Q

“We received the book and I cannot tell you how impressed that I am. The book is better than I could have ever expected. Thank you so much for considering us for the book. It really helps to memorialize a great period of time in our lives.” -- Eric Chase, former Saengerhalle owner

“Job well done! Beautiful pictures, great stories! We had no idea how good this would be. I cannot thank you and everyone involved enough. I'm really glad to have been a part of such a historic book.” -- Matthew Franek, former owner Bandera Cabaret

“A great read with great stories and great photos. I now need to take a vacation driving tour of all these places so I can meet some of the characters.” -- Steve Zimmerman, Sulphur Democrat